Glossary of chat acronyms & text shorthand. 2014.

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  • vajayjay — n. A euphemism for the word vagina. Example Citations: And then there s Grey s Anatomy, which features doctors, medical drama and a whole heap of sexy stuff involving those doctors. You d think that certain allowances could be made. Still,… …   New words

  • Vajayjay — Эвфемизм слова вагина , вошедший в английский язык благодаря сериалу Grey’s Anatomy ( Анатомия страсти в русском прокате) …   Словарь 2007 года

  • vajayjay — /vəˈdʒeɪdʒeɪ/ (say vuh jayjay) noun Colloquial (euphemistic) the vagina. {popularised by its 2006 use in the US television series Grey s Anatomy to avoid official objection to the word vagina} …  

  • G-Shot — The “G Shot”, also known as a “G Spot Augmentation”, is a procedure designed to temporarily increase pleasure in sexually active women with normal sexual function. The procedure involves increasing the size and sensitivity of the erogenous… …   Wikipedia

  • Va-jay-jay — is a euphemism used for the vagina. The term was first used in the February 12, 2006 episode of Grey s Anatomy, to appease network censors. The term was then picked up by Oprah Winfrey, who used it regularly on her show.cite web… …   Wikipedia

  • Euphemisms — career change opportunity fuzzword opposition research regime change social expression product to meet Marx uninstalled …   New words

  • 10 новых английских слов — Писатель Пол МакФедрис ежедневно мониторит сотни англоязычных средств массовой информации и отслеживает появление новых слов и выражений. Как только становится понятно, что то или иное слово прочно вошло в язык, МакФедрис составляет для него… …   Словарь 2007 года

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